We pitched and won the Arizona Lottery account while I was part of a seven-person creative team at Riester in Phoenix/LA. It was a huge win for the agency and resulted in a ton of broadcast work. Each drawing game or scratch ticket lives as its own brand, so cohesiveness was not the name of the game. Scrappy productions with small money was how we had to roll. I was even IN one of the spots. That one, you can't see.

Sr. CW: Ronan Doyle, Sr. AD: Mike Levario, CD: Tom Ortega

The highlight of the Lottery experience was the opportunity to work with Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family. Of course, there was no Modern Family at the time which is why we were able to get him into this costume. Still the funniest day on set I've ever had. Here are some production stills. This guy was meant to make people laugh.