This request was a simple one. And a complicated one.  

Our client wanted to tell everyone that their slots paid out around six million daily. Problem was, every casino in Arizona (not to mention the big boys up the road in Vegas) were saying the same thing. So, we looked at the challenge and wondered what we could do differently. We noticed that everyone is focused on the money. $5MM here. $3MM there. We knew we had the highest payouts. So we decided to focus on another aspect -- every single day. Here's how we did it.  

Sr. CW: Ronan Doyle, CCO/AD: Dave Robb, Director: Jim Zoolalian

It's not all  fun and games at casinos. Whether it's political pressure, or actually caring, all gaming entities have to do the "please don't let us ruin your life" spots. And naturally, the spend next to zero money doing it. Here was our solution.