The first piece here is the case study, it should tell you everything you need to know.  

We combined creative, media, UX, strategy, some amazing vendors, and thousands and thousands of fans to create something that is part social, part live, and all seriously fun.

Our first projection was in Boston during game six of the Celtics/Lakers playoff game. With thousands of passers-by, and tons of TV coverage, fans were given their first look at exactly what we meant when we said we'd take their name and "light you up." 

For the second live projection in New York City, we chose to highlight soccer star Leo Messi during the Argentina/Brazil match. We wanted to step up from the Boston projection, and we added geo-targeted mobile ads driving anyone in a 10 block area to the site of the projection. We also added a link in the ad to a soundtrack to accompany the projection -- heard in the video below.  

For the third and final projection welcoming Robert Griffin III to Washington, DC, we once again wanted to add social and technological elements to the experience. This time, we allowed users to tweet during the experience, and have their tweets projected live.