While serving as ACD at Connelly Partners in Boston, I lead the FCHP account through two campaigns with two very different goals, and feels.  

The first campaign here, "The Power of FCHP" was created in response to groundbreaking new health care laws in Massachusetts -- commonly known as Romneycare today. Our goal was to break through a lot of the serious chatter, and bring people a smile and a simple answer to the concerns many of them were having for the very first time regarding health care.

What we did was turn an intangible (health coverage) into a tangible benefit.  

ACD/Writer: Ronan Doyle, AD: Meredith Schwinder, Director: Don Rase

The following campaign, "Everyday" was made to demonstrate that as you live your life, we are there everyday. As simple as the quiet moments or as significant as the big ones. Don't worry... we're there.

ACD/Writer: Ronan Doyle, CD/AD: Alyssa Toro